2019 OBI Performance Index Scorecard

What is a CQI Performance Index scorecard?

Hospitals are eligible to earn up to 40% of the P4P program incentive by participating in up to 10 CQIs. Program measures and corresponding weights tied to each individual CQI are referred to as the hospital’s CQI Performance Index scorecard. Below is the OBI 2019 P4P Scorecard.

Because OBI is a new CQI, we have more participation measures. Scorecards transition to greater weight on performance as the CQI becomes more established.

How are hospitals scored?

Each CQI Coordinating Centers establishes their Performance Index Scorecard measuring both participation and performance. A hospital’s P4P score for each CQI is determined by its performance on specific measures within the CQI Performance Index scorecard.

Hospitals participating in more than 10 CQIs will be scored on 10 best individual CQI index scores, with preference given to BCBSM-sponsored CQIs. Those hospitals not eligible for 10 CQIs will have remaining incentive distributed equally to other program measures. BCBSM will combine CQI scores for hospitals participating in multiple CQIs into a single, overall score.

OBI will use the 2019 Performance Index Scorecard excel spreadsheet to track a hospital’s OBI P4P points. OBI will email the spreadsheet to the hospital’s multidisciplinary team monthly to help them monitor their performance.

scorecard pic_03.29.JPG

Want to know your hospital’s score to date?

Starting in April, OBI will send the Communication Lead at each hospital their hospital P4P scorecard with points to date with this scorecard. The scorecard includes the names of those who have watched the Provider Education Webinar, RPC Webinars, and participated in the Peer-to-Peer Video Workgroups.

want to learn more?

BCBSM Slides on the Pay for Performance (P4P) Program.

This presentation provides some explanation behind the six measures.


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