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We are excited to unveil our OBI CDA training! The goal of our online, self-directed training is to help familiarize new OBI CDAs to the OBI data abstraction requirements and to assist in formulating a process for consistent and accurate data collection to support focused quality improvement of maternal care.

Through self-paced online learning modules, review of important resources such as the OBI Data Collection Manual, an online assessment, and post-training conference calls, CDAs will be prepared to begin high-quality data abstraction.


We have created a comprehensive CDA Training Checklist to ensure that you complete all elements of the CDA training. This checklist will help you track your training progress and includes all of the steps and links needed to complete your training. You can also find important documents, links, and resources here.

The OBI CDA Training process

  • Our CDA training is a self-paced, online training with interactive modules and case scenarios.

  • The training will have two main focuses:

    • 1. Clinical abstraction of the variables

    • 2. Data entry into the workstation

  • Training materials focused on Clinical Data Abstraction will be made available on Thursday, October 3, 2019.

  • Data entry training materials will follow once the workstation is live.

  • The OBI Data Management Team will reach out to each healthcare system to schedule post-training follow-up conference calls. These meetings will give CDAs an opportunity to further discuss their specific questions.

  • We will have an in-person session at our Fall 2019 Semi-Annual meeting so that we can do a deeper dive into areas of abstraction that are most difficult.


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