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Clinical Data Abstractors (CDAs)

BCBSM supports Clinical Data Abstractors (CDAs) at OBI Hospitals to support data validation and collection efforts. OBI Hospital Clinical Data Abstractors will report on NTSV cases.

OBI Registry

The OBI Registry is delayed which affects the one-time data validation activities, the formal CDA training, and data entry into the Registry. While the Registry is being finalized, CDAs should focus on:


· Review the OBI 2019 Data Manual.

· Watch the Provider Education Webinar to better understand OBI’s 2019 strategy to optimize care and support in the first stage of labor.

· Watch the Reducing Primary Cesarean Webinars to build your quality improvement foundation.

·  By September 20th: Submit a list of your site’s delivery providers to This list should include Hospital Name, Provider Last Name, Provider First Name, NPI ( in an excel spreadsheet. These provider names will be preloaded into the Registry to streamline the data entry process.


2019 will serve as a baseline year, where each site will submit a sample of the first 30% of consecutive NTSV cases to OBI for January through December 2019. The OBI Coordinating Center has notified each hospital of their individual OBI required monthly case sample for 2019.


Beginning in 2020, each site will submit up to 100 cases monthly, following the sampling guidance in the table below. Case identification methods, sampling processes, and accuracy of data will be audited by the OBI Coordinating Center on a regular basis to confirm understanding and adherence to these guidelines.

2020 case reporting.PNG


Once the OBI Registry is live, each site will receive an email with guidance on how to identify cases for the one-time data validation of the existing OBI data sources: BCBSM PPO Claims data and MDHHS Birth Certificate data.  The data validation will be completed in the OBI Registry prior to the formal data abstraction training and data entry.

Important Documents

OBI 2019 Data Collection manual

Paper abstraction forms

CDA timeline

OBI Case inclusion criteria

2019 Data Element Overview

CDA position description

CDA Roles & Responsibilities document

OBI Hospital Data Collaborative Agreements

The OBI Hospital Data Collaborative Agreement formalizes the relationship between a hospital and OBI. The OBI Remote Access Agreement enables the OBI Data Managers to perform remote audits. Both Agreements are required to support clinical data abstraction and safely and securely share data.

OBI Hospital Data Collaborative Agreement OBI Remote Access Agreement


Contact the OBI Data Managers at