Obstetrics Initiative Position Statement: ARRIVE Trial

Obstetrics Initiative Position Statement on the ARRIVE Trial

OBI Quick Tips on the ARRIVE Trial

OBI Hospital data collaborative agreements

This Agreement is required between OBI and participating hospitals to participate in the Obstetrics Initiative Collaborative. Hospitals submitted the attached Participation Agreement earlier this year, which served as letters of interest in joining OBI. The OBI Hospital Data Collaborative Agreement formalizes the relationship between a hospital and OBI in support of clinical data abstraction and to safely and securely share data.

The following four documents require signature by June 14, 2019: 1. OBI Hospital Data Collaborative Agreement a. Exhibit A-1: Authorization to Release Safe Reduction of Primary Cesarean Birth Safety Bundle Data to the Michigan Hospital Association b. Exhibit C: Business Associate Agreement 2. OBI Remote Access Agreement (to permit remote audits) Please note: Edits to these documents are not permitted.

OBI clinical data abstractors

Clinical Data Abstractor (CDA) position description serves to assist with recruitment and the the Clinical Data Abstractor Roles & Responsibilities document serves as a guide for both the CDA as well as their supervisor. Clinical Data Abstractor 2019 - 2020 Timeline

quality improvement vs. research

The Differences between CQIs & Research document

IRB Differentiation between Research and Quality Improvement


Low-Risk vs. Non-Low Risk Definitions: ICD-9 & ICD-10 codes

Low-Risk for Claims Data: Comparing variation in hospital rates of cesarean delivery among low-risk women using 3 different measures. Armstrong, Joanne C. et al. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, February 2016, 214:2, Pages 153–163.

Severe Maternal Morbidity (SMM) Definitions: ICD-9 & ICD-10 codes

obi survey results

January 2018 OBI QI Hospital Survey & Survey Results Report