OBI Participation Agreement

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How does your hospital Join OBI?

In order for your hospital to formally join the Obstetrics Initiative, you must complete the OBI Participation Agreement form. This document must be signed and completed by your hospital multi stakeholder team and submitted to the OBI Coordinating Center ( by February 1, 2019.

Each participating maternity hospital must:

A.     Complete the OBI Participation Agreement.

B.      Work closely with the OBI Coordinating Center and the other participating hospitals to develop a quality improvement program to advance collaborative-wide performance using feedback from OBI registry data.

C.     Collaborate with other participating sites in overall process improvement essential to the success of the program, including sharing of and learning from best practices.

 D. Select which OBI Option they will implement in 2019:

Option A: OBI Checklist

Option B: Promoting Spontaneous Progress in Labor Bundle


Contact Clinical Site Engagement Coordinator, Jill Brown, RN at or (734) 763-2740.