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option b: Promoting Spontaneous Progress in Labor Bundle

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Promoting Spontaneous Progress in Labor Bundle

The OBI Promoting Spontaneous Progress in Labor Bundle is adapted from the American College of Nurse-Midwives Healthy Birth Initiatives Reducing Primary Cesareans Bundle: Promoting Spontaneous Progress in Labor. The OBI Promoting Spontaneous Progress in Labor Bundle is focused on implementing approaches that support spontaneous progress of labor during the first stage of labor. The ‘mini bundle’ is tailored to labor progress and identification of labor abnormalities. This bundle is in direct alignment with the national AIM Safe Reduction of Primary Cesarean Birth bundle.

Wondering how to operationalize?

See the Implementation Guide.

Want to learn more?

Here is a webinar of OBI Co-Director, Lisa Kane Low, PhD, CNM speaking on the Option B Promoting Spontaneous Progress in Labor Bundle. View the Slides.

How will hospitals be expected to report progress on implementation?

Objective: By end of June 2019 report via the OBI Registry the implementation strategy and timeline of your top project priorities from the objectives listed below.

Purpose: To aid in project planning, goal setting, and progress monitoring for the implementation of Option B Labor Progress Bundle.

Reporting Details:  We will be asking that each site rank the following project objectives into either high, intermediate, or low priority categories.  You will then report your strategy and timeline in 200 characters or less on how you plan to implement your high priority objectives for 2019 and your goal timeframe for completion.  You will update this plan on a quarterly basis.  

OBI Option B Program Priorities & Progress Monitoring document


Q: Can you help us understand how to create and establish policies for Option B?

A: In that context, policy documentation can be part of the structure evaluation such as surveys. We may also ask you to share your policy as a resource.

Q: When we’re talking about policy, we aren’t talking literally about policy, right?

A: When OBI talks about policy, we are talking about making sure you all have these systems in place and are going to implement them. We want to make sure that current policies are not in opposition to the suggested practice change. Make sure you are looking at what policies you already have in place and think about how you can work from there and also who else you might need to get to come to the table to make things happen.


Contact Clinical Site Engagement Coordinator, Jill Brown, RN at jillbrow@med.umich.edu or (734) 763-2740.