Peer-to-Peer Engagement Video Work Groups

OBI Supports quality improvement efforts by providing opportunities to share experiences, outcomes (challenges AND successes), and best practices so that all can learn

Jill Brown, BS, RN                 OBI Clinical Site Engagement Coordinator

Jill Brown, BS, RN OBI Clinical Site Engagement Coordinator

Jessica Souva, MSN, RNC-MNN OBI Clinical Site Engagement Coordinator

Jessica Souva, MSN, RNC-MNN OBI Clinical Site Engagement Coordinator

OBI hosts peer-to-peer video work groups based on the content covered in that month’s RPC webinar (presented on the first Friday of that month).  These work groups are designed to be a deeper dive into the practical implications of the RPC topic and enhance collaborative learning through group discussion. 

 OBI Clinical Site Engagement Coordinators, Jill Brown, BS, RN and Jessica Souva, RNC-MNN conduct round-robin style calls with hospital staff, providing opportunities for member hospital teams to share their site’s successes and challenges associated with the topic of the month.  There will be five options of dates and times offered for each of the four months per year that work groups are scheduled to accommodate the 70+ hospitals and promote personalized conversation.   

 To maximize efficacy of the work groups, OBI welcomes the members of your site’s multidisciplinary team to participate.  However, we recommend that the team member whose workflow is most directly impacted by the subject of the month be registered and appointed to take the lead in reporting out.  The participation of each hospital in process improvement-including the sharing of best practices - is essential to the success of the collaborative.

Upcoming Video Work group Conferences:


Shared Decision Making This work group would most benefit the following members of you multidisciplinary team: clinical leads, communication leads, physician leads, nursing directors/managers, OB Department/Nursing supervisors/educators, triage providers, CNM’s and laborists.


Meaningful Use of Your Data This work group would most benefit the following members of you multidisciplinary team: Clinical Data Abstractors, quality improvement specialists/directors/personnel, administrative directors/leads, data analysts and OB Department/Nursing directors.


What is the purpose/goal of video work groups?  The goal is to generate group discussion that allows OBI member hospitals to ask questions and share idea/experiences, resources or best practices with peer hospitals.  

 How can the work groups benefit my OBI Hospital Multidisciplinary team? Work groups provide team members who are doing the work of implementing Option A or B an opportunity to ask the nitty gritty clinical flow/roadblock questions that arise for the individual sites.

 How many work group sessions does our team need to attend? P4P points are awarded for each work group that is attended by at least one team member. In order to get the full possible points, at least one member needs to attend one work group for each of the four topics throughout the year. Work groups must be attended during the scheduled month (i.e. October or November). They cannot be made up at a later date.

 Which team member(s) can/should attend video work groups? Ideally the video work groups would be attended by as many members of the multidisciplinary team as possible.  Teams may find it helpful to schedule it as a group activity with a point person taking the lead to register and be the reporter for the group. There are at least five sessions per month to accommodate everyone’s schedules.

 How should I/we prepare for the work groups? 1.       Register and attend or watch the recorded RPC webinar for the month. 2.       Review the OBI slides and list of discussions questions that are emailed out prior to the RPC webinars and available on the OBI Webinars page. 3.       Develop your own list of questions for the topic and/or be prepared to speak about your hospitals successes and/or challenges.

Is there any follow up that I/we should do after the work groups? 1.       Establish a plan to report out what you discussed and learned in the work group session to your site’s OBI multidisciplinary team and staff.  2.       Reach out to the OBI Engagement team if you have feedback on what you liked or feel can be improved on for future webinars or if you have any questions.

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