OBI 2019 Provider Education Webinar

To view the OBI Provider Education recorded webinar click HERE. Please note, you will have to register to view the webinar, which is how OBI tracks views by hospital.

OBI has revised the dates associated with the webinar. The webinar link should be distributed* to your L&D staff by March 31st and viewed by your L&D staff by June 1, 2019.

*If you would like to share the link by email with your staff please cut and paste this link:

If you would to show the webinar in a group setting (for example in grand rounds), please send us ( the room sign in sheet so that we can document those staff that have watched it.

The OBI Provider Education recorded webinar is worth 5 points of the OBI 2019 Performance Index Scorecard. In order to receive the 5 points, at least 20% of your maternity care providers and L&D staff should watch the recorded webinar in its entirety (~20 minutes) by June 1, 2019. The webinar is recorded with GoToWebinar which requires participants to enter their name and hospital before being able to view it. OBI will be able to monitor the number of individual views from your hospital. This is why we asked for your hospital to share the number of L&D staff at your hospital in the Participation Agreement (below) so we can determine if your hospital reaches 20%.


Contact Clinical Site Engagement Coordinator, Jill Brown, RN at or (734) 763-2740.