The Obstetrics Initiative hosts educational webinars throughout the year to enable OBI hospitals to share strategies related to their labor and delivery practices as well as specific quality improvement initiatives. 


2019 Monthly Webinars

OBI partnered with the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) Healthy Birth Initiative: Reducing Primary Cesareans Project to share their monthly Collaborative Curriculum webinar series with the OBI hospitals. ACNM’s curriculum covers quality improvement strategies, implementation science and then specific aspects of implementing change to reduce primary cesareans birth.

RPC is in their fourth year of a multi-state, multi-hospital initiative aimed at reducing primary cesarean births in low risk women through the support of physiologic labor and birth. Twenty-five hospitals from across the U.S.  participated in the first and second years of the collaborative during 2016, 2017, and 2018. These hospitals already achieved reductions in their NTSV rates of up to 18%. OBI is honored to have RPC as our Quality Improvement partner.

Registration is required to participate in the live webinars as well as to watch the webinar recordings. Registration is how we are able to track hospital participation for P4P.

Webinars are recorded and available below for those that are not able to attend the live webinar.


Friday, October 4, 1-2pm EST: Shared Decision Making Session Objectives: • Become familiar with the concept of Shared Decision-Making
• Understand the use of Decision Aids in Shared Decision-Making
• Explore resources for provider training related to Shared Decision-Making
• Understand Shared Decision-Making in the context of Reducing Primary Cesarean Delivery Registration link:

Friday, November 1, 1-2pm EST: Doula Programs Session Objectives: • Become familiar with the role of doulas in promoting physiologic birth • Review models that have worked well for implementation • See examples of how some payers are providing reimbursement Registration link:

Friday, December 6, 1-2pm EST: Sustaining Change Session Objectives: • Distinguish clearly how testing, implementing, and spreading a change are all different steps in the sequence of improvement
• Build communication strategies that foster and support spread
• How do you hard wire the new processes, methods, systems to create the "new norm"?  
• Explore next steps in sustainability, standardization, and spread Registration link:

2019 Webinar REcordings

RPC Webinar: September 6: Implementation Frameworks for Successful Change  Session Objectives: • Discuss the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR)
• Discuss a case study for how to use CFIR Register to watching the recording. View the slides.

RPC Webinar: June 7 Educating Your Staff and Engaging Them in Quality Improvement Session Objectives: • Review strategies for building staff engagement in quality improvement
• Review strategies that worked in a large institution
• Review strategies that worked in a community hospital setting Register to watch the recording. View the slides.

RPC Webinar: May 3 Setting Practice Standards for Your Unit to Support Change Session Objectives: • Review definitions for documents that support practice standards
• Describe the considerations that go into developing a new policy or guideline
• Identify key change management strategies for the development, implementation and maintenance of the practice standard you are striving to implement Register to watch the recording. View the slides.

RPC Webinar: April 5, Success Story/Case Study on Partnership for Change This webinar reviews a case study from experienced interdisciplinary team and focuses on building buy in and momentum and sharing feedback and data to support change. Register to watch the recording. View the slides.

RPC Webinar: March 22, Practical Strategies for Creating and Managing Teams This webinar is foundational to the RPC curriculum that will be offered this year.  It offers practical strategies for creating and managing quality improvement teams, and includes project management and communication tools that can be used to support your work.
Register to watch the recording. View the slides.
Handouts: Institute for Healthcare Improvement Quality Improvement Project Charter Main EK, Chang S, Cape V, et al. Safety Assessment of a Large-Scale Improvement Collaborative to Reduce Nulliparous Cesarean Delivery Rates. Obstetrics & Gynecology (2019). 1-11.

RPC Webinar: March 1, PDSA and Small Tests of Change Participants will become comfortable as novice users with the following tools:
• Fishbone Diagram
• 5 “Whys”
• PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) Register to watch the recording. View the slides. QI Essentials Toolkit

MiAIM Webinar, January 22 Reducing Cesarean Deliveries for Low-Risk Pregnancies: Overcoming Resistance to Change: Be the Change Leader! Sue Garpiel, RN, MSN, CNS, C-EFM, Director of Perinatal Clinical Practice, Trinity Health Watch the recording. View the slides. Lisa Kane Low, PhD, CNM, FACNM, FAAN, Opportunities to Prevent Primary Cesarean Delivery in the 1st Stage of Labor. View the slides. *OBI is unable to provide P4P points for viewing this webinar because it’s hosted on the MiAIM website and does not capture registration information.

2018 obi webinar recordings

OBI Co-Director, Lisa Kane Low, PhD, CNM speaking on the Option B Promoting Spontaneous Progress in Labor Bundle. Watch the recording. View the slides. Option B Promoting Spontaneous Progress in Labor Bundle.

September 25: MiAIM Webinar: Safe Reduction of Primary Cesarean Births Bundle   Lisa Kane Low, PhD, CNM, FACNM, FAAN Watch the recording. View the slides.                                                                                 

September 7: Expanding the Maternity Care Team: The Role of Doulas                                          Lisa Kane Low, PhD, CNM, FACNM, FAAN                                                                                    Watch the recording (unfortunately we had sound issues until minute 7). View the slides

July 13: Normalizing Labor                                                                                      Elizabeth Langen, MD                                                                                                                        Watch the recording. View the slides. OBI Checklist for Low Risk Spontaneous Labor

June 26: MiAIM Webinar: OBI Maternal Outcomes & Maternal Utilization Reports                    Daniel M. Morgan, MD                                                                                                                      Watch the recording. View the slides.

June 1: Improving Obstetric Care: Quality Improvement & Implementation Science  Tools          Michelle Moniz, MD,MSc and Rosalyn Maben-Feaster, MD, MPH                                                  Watch the recording. View the slides

February 8: Introduction to the Obstetrics Initiative & the Hospital Summary Obstetrics Report                                                                               Daniel M. Morgan, MD                                                                                                                      Listen to the recording. Please be patient the recording started before the presentation did. View the slides.