OBI supports vaginal births and safely reducing cesarean deliveries for            low-risk pregnancies in Michigan hospitals.



The Obstetrics Initiative (OBI) is a new hospital Collaborative Quality Initiative (CQI) funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan/Blue Care Network. OBI is comprised of 73 participating maternity hospitals working to address variation in obstetric care in the state of Michigan through continuous self-assessment and quality improvement efforts.

Our first initiative is supporting physiologic vaginal birth and safely lowering the cesarean delivery rate among low-risk (for cesarean delivery) patients. Current goals include supporting enrolled maternity hospitals, developing a data collection and quality assurance registry, supporting evidence-based practices, and creating a collaborative community of dedicated maternity hospitals. Longer-term goals include expanding the collaborative to additional maternity hospitals and developing future quality improvement initiatives in women’s health.

Join us as we work together to improve safe delivery practices across the state.